29 Nisan 2008 Salı

Time to write in English

Finally, it's here. Long time ago, I tried to write in English. Somehow, I didn't like it. the reason for that was I didn't feel much comfortable when i was writing in another language. I felt that I could express my feelings better with my native language, which is Turkish. In addition, i was kind of scared to write wrong sentences. You know what, I don't care about that anymore. Writing in another language was almost a must for me. I am talking about America, I try to tell outsiders what America looks like and at the same time, I am trying to tell Americans how isolated they are. I hope, I will continue writing these English entries so that my friends -who are not Turkish- will be able to read and understand what I am trying to say.
There is of course much to say about America. You know people all around the world wonder what America looks like. Even though, US is not a dream country for many, still there are some people living out there within an American dream. All i am trying to do is, telling people what American looks like and how people live in this country. I am not a journalist, I am not an author, but I do observe things going around me and share my daily life experiences with my family and friends. So, do not expect me to be perfect in terms of writing, analyzing and summarizing. I am not going to translate everything I have written so far. However, I am going to write the things that I want all the people around the world should really know about them.

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e.d. dedi ki...

it is a good thing to write in english if you are living in a country where people speak in that language.
and i think you are good at this ;) i mean, you are successful at writing in english :) although i am not an autority to say this but to me, your english sounds pretty good :)

i am waiting for your other assays in english ;)
not assays actually but lets call them observations :)